Rice Fields of Drouin

The day I battled heat stroke began like this…
We left Port au Prince early one morning for the rice fields of Drouin where Help One Now supports local leaders on the ground in Haiti. When we arrived Jean Alix asked me if I wanted to go see his garden. His question seemed simple enough, so I gladly said yes. The part he conveniently left out was the round trip was approx. 4 miles. Long story short, after we made it back from our ‘little trip’ I sat down under a tree for a few minutes. When I tried to stand up things started to get pretty blurry. The next thing I remember is pulling over in Saint-Marc and a nice old lady bringing me a 5 gallon bucket of water to pour over my head.

Meet Zoizo, he tends the garden for Jean Alix…

No Shoes

Wide View

Pastor Jean Alix

Visitors on the trail

A rice farmers office

In the Field with Filson

I’m very fond of my Filson Breifcase… it feels like something my father would have owned – that makes me like it even more. Filson is a quality brand and this bag is sure to outlive me!

I was in New Hampshire earlier in the year for work and one night it snowed 30″… IN ONE NIGHT! I have never seen so much snow! To mark the occasion I decided I would pretend I was on assignment with Filson. Here’s a few frames for all the bad lovers out there… if you’re not a bag lover I’m sure you know one who is so share!







Aaron Ivey + Propaganda + Beautiful Eulogy

Quick portrait after sound check with Beautiful Eulogy, Propaganda, and my boys from the Aaron Ivey band.

I’ve recently switched to pre-lighting most of my shoots and its paid off tremendously! Only had 15-30 seconds to pull this shot off and without pre-lighting there would’ve been no way to get everything dialed in.


JOHNNYSWIM Live at Catalyst ATL

Love getting to work with the team at Catalyst! Here’s a few shots from Johnny Swim’s performance in ATL. You should check them out!

Johnny Swim Live at Catalyst

Johnny Swim Live at Catalyst

Johnny Swim Live at Catalyst

Johnny Swim Live at Catalyst

Johnny Swim Live at Catalyst

Johnny Swim Live at Catalyst

Johnny Swim Live at Catalyst

Johnny Swim Live at Catalyst

Faces of Kenscoff

Last trip to Haiti with Help One Now I spent a few days in Kenscoff, a mountain-side community just outside of the capital. The only thing more beautiful than the country side is the people that live there.







Richard | Haitian Painter

Got to visit Richard again this trip. He’s a haitian artist that has built a thriving business through a mirco-loan Help One Now lent him a couple years ago. It always fun to revisit him & his family and check out the new art pieces he’s working on. His work inspired this piece.

We are getting to connect with many amazing people this week. Some of them children whom could use our help. Please take a few moments and head over to the Help One Now sponsorship site:

The Cofields

Jana & Justin are very dear friends of Tiffany and I. These were a few of the photos we took for their story you can listen to here: Deciding to Love

Lindsey Buckingham

Aaron Ivey

New Brand

Earlier in the year when I was getting close to launching full time into photography I knew I needed help in the Brand Identity department. Its both a blessing and a curse to live in an area like Austin where so many great designers live. I have been following Linsey’s work for some time and was really drawn to her vibe.

The Artist: Linsey Metcalf

We had a quick meeting on the creative vision of what I had in mind but she really took it from there. Below are some of the early sketches, a little behind the scenes if you will.

After a little more development & refinement we settled on what you see today.