In the Field with Filson

I’m very fond of my Filson Breifcase… it feels like something my father would have owned – that makes me like it even more. Filson is a quality brand and this bag is sure to outlive me!

I was in New Hampshire earlier in the year for work and one night it snowed 30″… IN ONE NIGHT! I have never seen so much snow! To mark the occasion I decided I would pretend I was on assignment with Filson. Here’s a few frames for all the bad lovers out there… if you’re not a bag lover I’m sure you know one who is so share!







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3 Responses

  1. MC says:

    i need one of those! Miss you Wade!

  2. MC says:

    just realized that’s not a camera bag…but it should be!

  3. scottawade says:

    haha… not by design, but they fit :) miss hanging with you guys!

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